Survivor Overnighter

All 4th-8th graders are invited to participate in Survivor Overnighter! This is a night full of games, challenges, & fun activities! 


Kids show up with sleeping bags in hand and join a "tribe" to compete in 'Survivor' like challenges. The tribe that outplays, outwits, and outlasts the other wins the ultimate 'Survivor' prize, 'The Immunity Necklace'.  


It's an exciting, non-stop, thrilling adventure where preteens not only have a blast, but learn more about Jesus along the way.  


**Survivor Overnighter is $10 and includes dinner, snacks, and breakfast.  Survivor Overnighter will take place Friday, April 30th starting at 6pm - Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 11am.



**Please complete the registration form and consent form.