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COVID-19 Updates


Providence City Church
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Weekly Update - June11

Weekly Update - June11

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COVID 19 Update March 19, 2020

COVID 19 Update March 19, 2020

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Update: Wednesday, March 18th

As it is becoming increasingly evident that 'social distancing' will be our 'new normal' for at least several weeks, we wanted to provide you with some updates & resources on how to stay engaged in community; and encouraged in your walk with God.

Sunday Worship

Until otherwise communicated, we will not be meeting on a Sunday to worship at the church facility. President Trump recently recommended that groups of more than 10 refrain from meeting for at least 15 days. So in an effort to honor the leadership God has placed over us, we will not be gathering together to worship.

  • We will however be posting a new sermon video every Sunday at 9:30am which you can watch on our website [link], youtube channel [link]; or on our Facebook page [link]. Feel free to like & share the content when it is posted!

  • For up-to-date information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the CDC's website [link]

Community [City Groups]

Understandably, with the recommendation from our President, many of our groups will not be able to meet either. So our encouragement to our faith family is to leverage online platforms to stay connected. Whether Google Hangouts [link]; Facebook Messenger [link]; or Group FaceTime [link]. As Hebrews 10:24 says: 'Let us consider how to stir up one another to love & good works'


Additionally use Right Now Media to continue to grow in your faith. From studies, to devotionals, to sermons, & conferences, this free resource is a ‘one stop shop’ for discipleship tools. 


There are so many opportunities to 'shine God's light' in these times of uncertainty. Here are some digital options to serve those around you:  

  • Online grocery ordering and delivery

  • Online restaurant ordering and delivery

  • Online floral ordering and delivery

  • Create online wish lists for others to purchase items that ship directly to group member in need

  • Purchase and send digital gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

  • Collect money as a group through an online tool or app, such as ApplePay or Venmo

Family Discipleship

With many families being required to work from home; these restrictions can be leveraged as an opportunity to invest deeply in the lives of our children. In addition to the online offerings on Right Now Media; once a week, we will be sending out a discipleship resource from Lifeway which provides parents activities, worksheets, and Bible lessons for your kids!

  • Please be on the lookout for this in your email or on our church's social media pages [Facebook; Instagram]

Prayer Requests

If at any time you'd like our prayer team to pray with/for you, please don't hesitate to submit a prayer request online. Simply click the following link [submit request] and our prayer warriors would be blessed to lift up your situation to the Lord.

As covered in our last update, please be praying for us as a leadership team. We need God's guidance as we navigate these challenging times. And we will need your grace & understanding as we walk through this season together. We will be sure to communicate with you again as further updates become available. 

Grace & Peace,


Providence City Church Elders


Update: Friday, March 13th


With the heightened awareness and public concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the ongoing seasonal flu virus and common cold, we want to assure you that public health and safety concerns are our highest priority. We have & will be closely monitoring the developments surrounding COVID-19 and will stay updated on the current recommendations from the CDC, & local health departments.

Yesterday NC Governor Roy Cooper requested the cancellation of gatherings of more than 100 people, including church services. And this past week union county had difficulties with the fresh water supply which complicates our desire to provide sanitary facilities. So in light of Paul’s charge in Romans 13:1-2; and with a desire to love God & others faithfully, we have prayerfully decided NOT to hold our worship service this coming Sunday, March 15. We do not want to make a decision out of fear; but rather one that honors God by respecting our leaders; and protecting our community.


In these uncertain times we’d like to encourage you in the following ways:

  • Trust God - despite fear sweeping across the world; our God still remains on the throne & is working this season together for the good of His people; and the progress of His kingdom! Don’t let these situations suffocate your eternal hope!! Trust in the Lord!   

  • Use wisdom - as in all facets of life; God has called us to walk in wisdom. So practically that means:

    • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 

    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

    • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched.

    • Greet others with a smile instead of a hand shake or hug

  • Connect with your City Group - the Bible calls us to bear one another's burdens & build up one another. These times are a perfect opportunity to witness the power & benefit of gospel centered community. Stay encouraged & connected in your City Group. Meet for dinners, pray together; serve one another fervently. And if you aren’t involved in a group; feel free to sign up for one ASAP. Link:  

  • Use Right Now Media - whether its this Sunday [March 15], or in the coming weeks, we want to remind you of the incredible resource you have available to you with Right Now Media. From studies, to devotionals, to sermons, & conferences, this free resource is a ‘one stop shop’ for discipleship tools. Please don’t use our service cancellation [March 15] as an excuse to neglect your time in the Word. Read, pray, listen, & learn, and if you’d like some guidance in that area; call a friend or log on to Right Now Media

    • If you need help accessing Right Now Media please let us know. Email us at:

    • Some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Encourage & serve your neighbors - in other words, stay on mission. These times provide countless opportunities to ‘shine God's light’ in the world. From helping the elderly in your neighborhood, to assisting with childcare with families who have young kids; to picking up groceries for a friend in need. As the world grows insular, may the church continue to reach out and be a vessel of grace!! 



Finally, we as move into the coming weeks, we wanted to ask you to pray for us as a leadership team. We need God's guidance as we navigate these challenging times. And we will need your grace & understanding as we walk through this season together. Some of the items we’ll continue to evaluate are:

  • How best to continue to ensure that our facility is a clean & sanitary place for worship 

  • How best can we utilize media platforms to continue to spread the gospel from our neighborhoods to the nations.

  • How these developments impact our upcoming activities, such as: midweek youth group; and the scheduled ladies retreat on March 20-22


We will be sure to communicate with you again as further updates become available. If you would like to continue your regular tithes and offerings, you may do so online. Its easy, safe, & effective. Link: 


Grace & Peace,


Providence City Church Elders

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